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Twitter: @E_A_N_podcast @ICntBlvIJndTwtr - Kris Cox @ThickJuicyDrums - Charlie Hickmott Facebook: @EANPodcastPDX Here is where you can find the second helping of your double dose of Everything and Nothing for this week: We love everything Adult Swim is doing lately. We have the release of Rick and Morty Season 4.5 coming tonight. We have the second season of The Shivering Truth dropping on 5/10/20. Which is a show you should only watch if you want to feel uncomfortable. But by golly do they do it well. We have a lot of fun going over what anime is most popular or our favorites. And since Kris is on the show, also some of our least favorites. Because he is a grumpy elf. We also talk about fun fan theories for Rick and Morty. And not so fun theories for Star Wars. Because Jar Jar is not a Sith Lord. He isn't. That's a stupid theory. Remember that you can always be a part of the show by stoping in on the live stream. We will be advertising ahead of time when the next weekends stream will occur on the podcasts twitter and FB. See links above.

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