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Hey, gang!

Just dropped the 3rd episode of the new "Second Judgement" show on YouTube! Check out this playlist I put together by clicking here, or you can just watch below. Remember to like and subscribe!

The new show is of course a spin-off of the podcast we've been doing for almost a year now, "Everything and Nothing," which you can listen to on Spotify by clicking here. The latest episode was recorded live today and will be available on Spotify and everywhere you listen to podcasts on Tuesday, which is our regular release schedule, so tune into the Smirk Studios website for more fresh content weekly!

Last but not least, I uploaded our first run of MUNDAZE (my new after-lunch guitar jam) to YouTube which you can access by clicking here or watching below.

MUNDAZE goes live on the Smirk Studios LIVE STREAM on Mondays at 2pm and goes for about 2.5 hours, and it's some groovy jams that you can leave on while you work from home!

That's about all the news from me. Be on the lookout for a new cartoon in the future, and please keep checking back to for more great stuff!

Thanks for stopping by!


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