Processing The Trauma

Twitter: @E_A_N_podcast @ICntBlvIJndTwtr - Kris Cox @ThickJuicyDrums - Charlie Hickmott Facebook: @EANPodcastPDX Times have been wild. We have now released two epsides of the podcast this week. You can find the first one here: Behold! The first episode with Kris and Charlie taking the reigns. We have special guest Red Ohare on the show! She is a glorious poet, links down below for her poetry and also for her funny baking video! You may have also noticed that this episode and the next episode came out at the same time. I'mma be honest, we thought we had lost it. But the gods of the internet retuned it to us, so we have now released a week of nothing, and then a double dose week of everything. So really, we're just living up to the name. Go us. We of course do the mental health check in, Important in the new pandemic. And look into how we are funneling ourselves into creative endeavors while we stay at home. Red is a woman of the world, and is full of so many stories. And a lot of Dr. Who memorabilia. Charlie gives us the news. We do another round of Who would win. We also finally talk about what Kris' posters are now that the wall behind him isnt blank anymore. What are the weirdest jobs we've had? What movies are we watching lately? Wouldn't you like to know, weather boy?!?! But for realsies, check out this episode. It's a chill one.

Drunk Baking with Red:

Red O'Hare's poetry:

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