Peer Review 1 for Joshua H. Metz

Here's what I've got for the main layout for the coming overhaul of my website. To see it in it's current state and get an idea of what we're switching to, please visit and take a look at the home page.

So, now that you've done that, please look below at this mock-up of the new design I am planning for the same website.

In my view, this is less flashy, simplified, and still streamlined and easy to intuitively navigate with your eyes. A lot of gamer-types typically find themselves scrolling websites on their phones in their rooms in total darkness, so it really helps to have dark colors for those situations... HOWEVER, I still want to give the "hint" that I'm a very colorful graphic artist.

I think this works, and will be testing it on my actual and existing audience very soon, but first, I'd love a chance to hear what you think! Please let me know if you would change anything, and I'll do my best to consider anything I feel will work better than what I'm currently planning to do.


Joshua H. Metz

Smirk Studios

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