Oh. My. Tower Of God

SPOILER ALERT! I will be discussing how I feel about these first four episodes, so there will be spoilers. If you haven't seen the show or read the comic yet, do that. Then, come back so you can let me know what you thought in a comment down below. Tower Of God kicked off Crunchyroll's newest feature, Crunchyroll Originals. And honestly, there are a lot of honorable mentions in that list. If you love anime, definitely give it a look over, because all of those series are about 3-4 episodes in, and so far they've been pretty great. What I find most interesting is that they are not simply taking anime from japanese publications as we've seen in the past. Crunchyroll has partnered with WebToon on a few shows this season. The first, obviously, is ToG. But they also worked together to bring us Noblese and The God Of Highschool. Both of which look promising as well. ToG definitely hits hard right off the bat with a soundtrack that makes me feel like dancing but still has a slight edge to it and the level of animation you would hope for in a Crunchyroll original. Everything is so smooth, despite being drawn in a style that seems like an homage to 90's era anime most of the time. But slips seamlessly into cutsey, adoable, chibi versions when it feels the need. Bam is the protag of ToG. As far as we know he's a simple person. Very kind and loving. He knows one thing. Rachel. As she is his only source of human connection, it makes perfect sense that when she left him to ascend the tower, he would follow. I'm not gonna lie. There is a part of me that hates watching him feel like this. I was also someone who pined for the love of another for too long. Would do anything for them. I honestly hope that this show goes into how toxic that line of thought is, rather than promoting it as a virtue like a lot of anime have in the past. Khun seems to be the next most interesting character. The Red door episode gives us some hints about his past as well. We know that he had a terribly abusive relationship in his mother, and a life vying for power in a hierarchy. This caused his life to be ripped away from him, and he found out that the person he loved had betrayed him. This then, only reinforces his mistrust and all of his mothers teachings. This is why he is most interested in Bam. He sees how much he loves Rachel, and you see him trying to find ways to protect Bam from a similar fate to his own. There are a host of side characters in this show. And the pacing of it is doing a really good job of giving us juuuust enough information that we stay interested, but not tipping its hand too early. And while I know that following Bam's tale is what the show is about, I am easily just as excited to watch this trach suit wearing dude and his tiffa rip off flirtationship/rivalry. Because they aren't a Green, lizard princess with a magic sword. Or a master samurai, or whatever monster Bam and Khun are. They're just people with a will so strong that they can't stop trying. Watching normal people achieve great things is one of my favorite things. So, shout out to Crunchyroll and WebToon for putting out what is so far a fantastic show that I am excited for each week.

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