I Think America Needs To Focus Up.

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

I have noticed that I saw about a solid week of full solidarity for the black lives matters movement. One week (fuck you, BNL for poisoning those two words forever) where we were wholly and totally in step with wanting to defend the rights of black people and make the injustices that they face an important, singular focus for our country. We have done so much good in this week. And I am so proud of this country for coming together to show protests in all 50 states! And even more proud of the world for joining in with protests done internationally. But then something happened. I saw a shift in the focus. We are starting to talk about the other issues that we were already talking about before we finally got some direction for a second and focused on the plight of black people and the systemic racism that is so obviously still ingrained in our culture.

I am starting to worry that America is going to treat this like exercising. That now that we've made some progress, we're going to sit down and relax. And we can't do that. Now that we have momentum we CAN NOT STOP until we make it to a place where Americans are treated equally. We have finally come to the realization that we really aren't as powerless as we've been made to feel our whole lives. And really, with us growing up on all of the sci-fi and fantasy that we did, is it any wonder that we are questioning this world?

A lot of us are in therapy, trying to unlearn all of the horrible things that were burned into us. Trying to learn how to be better. Of course this is all going to bring us steps closer to being better to our fellow human. And we're finally gaining the introspection, the ego death needed to say that as much as we hate it, there are racists things that have been passed down to us as well. Things we may not even realize are problems yet.

I also worry that Americas ADHD brain is starting to kick in. That now that we've started to see give on this issue, we want to start tackling other issues. Shit, I'm watching a twitter feud right now between J.K. Rowling and the people who love her fantasy world because she is spewing hateful things. And dont get me wrong, LBGT+, and womens rights are super important. But like... black people have been fighting for all of those things already. It is our turn to put that shit down and help with this particular issue until it is done. And then, when we are more healed as a people we can move on to the next injustice.

Picture credit: Jennifer McKenzie Paulsen

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