Hanging With Hyjinx

Twitter: @E_A_N_podcast @ICntBlvIJndTwtr - Kris Cox @ThickJuicyDrums - Charlie Hickmott Facebook: @EANPodcastPDX We have a new episode of the podcast! Find it here: We welcome Portland Comedian and co-founder of Dirty Angel Entertainment: The Real Hyjinx. We talk about how he got into comedy. The various forms of entertainment you wind up doing trying to break into comedy. Hyjinx's life has always been a roller coaster of fun, so come listen to what kind of person winds up spending most of their time on a stage. Charlie, Kris, and The Real Hyjinx talk about life through their lenses and how each of us brings a new perspective as producers. Not to mention the struggles of attempting to make shows happen in the first place. We show off music videos made by The Real Hyjinx and Joshua H. Metz! "She Got That Burn" by The Real Hyjinx, "Beryllium Mirrors" by Joshua H. Metz. We celebrate constitution day, the Norwegian celebration of the signing of their constitution for This Day In Historical Points. Will Kris get The Real Hyjinx to play Monster Hunter? You can find out. We stream sessions of Monster Hunter at Also, hit us up with questions or topics you'd like to hear us talk about in the future. @The Real Hyjinx - FB @Dirty Angel Entertainment - FB/IG She Got That Burn: Beryllium Mirrors:

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