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I have been a bad podcast papa. (I almost went with podcast daddy in light of our guest, but alliteration is a beautiful thingh.) We had a super cool show come out this week. Find it here:

We welcome Portland Comedian and Internet sensation, Jenna Vesper to the show! Jenna is a delightful lady who puts on multiple shows in the portland area and on the internet. If you're looking at seeing her shows, check out the links below!

Jenna does tend to do a lot of work for the LGBTQ+ community for all kinds of shows. Disowned is one that has been able to make it to the internet form. And jenna also does a show called "The McElroy Brothers Will Be On Live, Laugh, Stream" if you listen to the episode, you'll know what those mean. We discuss the ups and downs of zoom performances in the new world and fun times we miss from the stage.

Did you like this weeks episide? Did you want to have some control about our questions? Do you want to talk with us about what youre bunging right now? ARE YOU SICK OF THESE QUESTIONS?!?! GOOD. Me too. Feel free to reach out to us on any of our social media platforms. Love you, folx!

IG - @Jennawithasmile

How to find Jenna's podcast :


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