Smirk Studios was founded by artist Joshua H. Metz in the Arizona desert in 2003 when a hand-built computer was put to use for graphics, animation, and web-design.

Working as an independent content-creator on such sites as Newgrounds.com and DeviantArt, Joshua found quick success in the freelance world.  He went on to work with some producers in Hollywood, California, and after some unfortunate luck, Joshua found himself struggling to make ends meet.

Unwilling to give up, Joshua began to further pursue success with his many graphic and musical talents, eventually graduating from Portland Community College in June of 2021.

Now, Joshua is very busy creating new innovative ways to live-edit while streaming, and his Twitch continues to bring together one of the most amazing networks of artists, creatives, and developers on Discord!

Join the S³N today and see why after 18 years, people still choose Smirk Studios for their graphic, animation, and web-development needs.